Same Day Crowns

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Get your smile back with Same Day Crowns with CEREC®

Years ago, the only way to get a dental crown was to go to the dentist several times. What’s worse is that getting dental crowns was messy and you had to wear plastic temporary crowns for weeks while you waited for your permanent crowns. 

Today, getting dental crowns is faster, easier, and more comfortable than ever before. We use advanced CEREC® technology that allows us to create then place a permanent crown in a single visit. The technically-advanced system also lets us create digital impressions – no more messy molds. Dental crowns with CEREC® are faster, easier, and more effective. 

About Dental Crowns

Each of your teeth has two main parts: the roots that hold it in your jaw and the white crown that appears above your gumline. To repair a damaged tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown, which is an artificial replacement for your natural crown.

Once known as a “cap,” a crown fits over a tooth to restore the normal shape and size of that tooth. A dental crown strengthens and protects the tooth, while dramatically improving the tooth’s appearance. Dentists sometimes use dental crowns to restore a tooth, create a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth, protect a tooth from breaking, or cover a misshapen tooth. 

The process of creating crowns used to be lengthy, requiring several trips to your dentist. During your dental visits, your dentist would create impressions of your teeth and fit you with a temporary crown. Same Day Crowns make it possible for you to walk into our office with a damaged tooth, and walk out that same day with a fully-restored smile that needs no further work. 

When it comes to dental crowns, CEREC® changes everything

We use the revolutionary CEREC® device, which combines Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology with a specialized digital camera, advanced software and a precision milling machine. This powerful combination of advanced technologies allows our experienced dental team to quickly create a natural-looking ceramic crown immediately in our office. 

This amazing technology provides a wide variety of benefits for you, the patient. Benefits include:

Same day restoration without temporary crowns – no more waiting for weeks for your permanent crowns to arrive

No messy and uncomfortable impressions – using a specialized camera, CEREC® digitally maps your mouth to capture a highly detailed digital image of the tooth receiving the crown and tissue surrounding it

No surprises - CEREC® uses sophisticated CAD software, which helps your dentist create an accurate 3D model of your new tooth using the detailed digital image. Using the 3D model as a blueprint, the CEREC® system uses CAM technology with a high-speed diamond bur and disk to mill a dental crown while you wait comfortably in our dental office. Our team can create your beautiful and amazingly precise crown in just a few minutes.

It looks just like your natural tooth – only better!

A same-day crown looks and functions just like your natural tooth, but without the stains, discolorations, damage, chips, cracks or other dental problems that led to your need for same-day drowns. CEREC® ensures that the shape and size of your crown is correct, and our dentist will make sure the color matches your natural teeth before we place your same-day crown. 

How Our Plain City Dentist Creates and Places Same-day Crowns

We follow scientifically-proven effective steps for the creation and placement of same-day dental crowns. 

1. Take digital images

Rather than filling your mouth with messy gooey gunk, we use digital imaging to capture a high-definition picture of the treatment area.

2. Prepare the treatment area

To fit the damaged tooth well and to prevent the damage from getting worse, our dentist will remove any decayed areas of the tooth and shave down the tooth enamel. Unlike traditional crowns, same-day crowns don’t require much reduction of the tooth. 

3. Create a 3D model of your new tooth

Digital imaging allows us to create a 3D model of your new tooth, which we use as a blueprint for its construction.

4. Create your crown

Computer technology helps use create your crown, using a high-speed diamond bur and a disk to mill your new crown while you wait in our comfortable office. 

5. Apply the finishing touches

Once your new crown is ready, we’ll make sure that it matches the color and shade of your existing tooth. Then we’ll place it precisely where it belongs for optimal function and cosmetic appeal. 

If you would like to replace a damaged tooth in just one office visit, make an appointment with our Plain City dentist. We’re glad to help you determine if same-day crowns are right for you.

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